Our Strengths
We believe that the following competitive strengths enable us to compete effectively and to capitalize on the growth opportunities in China’s recycling energy market:
         Leading Recycling Energy Company with Proven Track Record and High Growth Potential
We are a leading developer of waste energy recycling technologies for industrial applications in China, and we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by applying a BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) model to provide energy saving and recovery facilities for multiple energy intensive industries. While some of our competitors offer projects targeting one or two verticals, we serve multiple verticals. With proven track records in China’s recycling energy market, we are highly engaged by our customers for their energy recycling needs. 
         Cost-Effective Renewable Solution Supported by Government Policies

Our waste energy recycling projects utilize industrial by-products, such as emission pressure, waste heat and exhaust gas, to produce additional power, thus maximize energy efficiency associated with each project. The recycled energy reduces dependence on energy generated from fossil fuels and also contributes to reduction of acid rain and slowing down global warming. Unlike electricity produced by burning fossil fuels, electricity recycled from residuals or wastes is generated without additional fuel consumption and, because of what otherwise would be industrial waste emitted into the environment is recaptured to generate power, it results in far lower emissions of pollutants such as methane and carbon dioxide. Energy recycling business has government’s support in the form of tax credits and subsidies. Our customers may also qualify for CDM credits.


         Unique BOT Model Secures Cutting-edge Competitive Advantage

Unlike most of our competitors in the recycling energy industry, we are a fully-integrated BOT (Build, Operate, & Transfer) solution provider offering a wide range of services including engineering design, financing, procurement, construction, installment, test and operation. Compared to the EPC (Engineer, Procure & Construct) model, we believe our BOT model creates a more efficient and more comprehensive business solution for the China market and is well recognized by our targeted customers.


         Experienced Management Team with Local Market Knowledge
We have an experienced management team with a proven track record of developing and expanding our operations. Most of the members of our senior management team are veterans in the energy industries; they have worked together in energy recycling area since 2007. We believe our management’s in-depth market and technical expertises and our track record in the recycling energy market in China will enable us to capitalize on the anticipated tremendous growth in the recycling energy sector in China.
         Strong financial Endorsements Support Long-term Growth
We have established the ability to fund our projects from multiple resources to build up our profitable portfolio of the operating projects and support the projects in our pipeline. We have successfully introduced significant strategic stakeholders into our business, i.e. Carlyle Group, Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd., China Cinda Assets Management Co., Ltd
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