Our Strategies

Focus on Core Verticals to Increase Market Share in China

We have a track record of successfully completing waste-to-energy projects to specific verticals, such as steel, cement, nonferrous metal and coal mining. We plan to continue to focus on such core verticals and leverage our expertise to expand our market share. We intend to expand our waste-to-energy power generating capacity rapidly in order to meet the anticipated growth of demand in China’s energy efficiency industrial applications and to gain market share.


Expand to New Verticals with Future High Growth Potentials

We plan to pursue disciplined and targeted expansion strategies through actively seeking and exploring opportunities to apply waste-to-energy technologies to new industries or segments with high growth potential. Our market entry strategy will focus on obtaining or developing new industrial applications in China as well as accesses to new market segments and customers, with the goal of using our early entry advantage to become the industry standard maker and maintain our leading position in the waste-to-energy industry.


Increase Sales of Integrated Projects Targeting Large-Scale Customers

Large-scale manufacturers have complex manufacturing processes, from multiple points of which we can collect waste pressure, heat or gas to generate electricity. In addition, we can also combine more than one power generating cycles to recycle the waste collected from such multi-point industrial processes, which results in improved overall energy efficiency. We are targeting mid- to large-scale customers with highly intensive energy consumption, sizeable power generating capacity, by which we can benefit from the economies of scales and higher barrier of entry for our competitors through the establishment of long-term operation contracts with such customers.


Continually Enhance Research and Development Efforts

We plan to devote substantial resources to research and development in order to enhance our waste-to-energy design and engineering capabilities. Our in‑house design and engineering team provide additional competitive advantages, including flexibility to quickly design and evaluate new technologies or applications in response to the changing market trends


Selectively Acquire Waste-to-Energy Power Plants 

While we have experienced substantial organic growth, we plan to pursue a disciplined acquisition strategy to accelerate our growth. Our strategy will focus on obtaining additional power generating capacity, research and development capabilities and access to new markets and customers.

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